Prescribing decision support for healthcare professionals.

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Used by prescribers across the NHS since 2002, ScriptSwitch® supports clinicians to make informed decisions at the point of prescribing.

ScriptSwitch enables medicines management teams to deliver the latest guidance aligned to local and national best-evidence practice. An exclusive partnership with Keele University Centre for Medicines Optimisation provides a consistent source of new clinical updates. 

Quality, clinical and cost-saving opportunities are displayed at the point of prescribing within the ScriptSwitch pop-up. Switches can be accepted with a single click, minimising workflow disruption via an intuitive interface. 

ScriptSwitch also offers medicines management teams the opportunity and flexibility to author content for adherence to local formulary, guidance and protocols. Teams benefit from the ability to adopt centrally authored content via the ScriptSwitch library. 

Optum Intelligence and Data Analytics for ScriptSwitch provides a data visualisation tool that turns data into insights and actions. Interactive dashboards help organisations identify trends, opportunities and drive engagement.

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