RIVIAM Digital Care’s GP Portal helps GPs deliver improving access

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GP Portal enables GPs to interact securely with health and social care providers from within EMIS Web, accessing real-time information about their patients.

Single service directory

Users choose from a service directory of providers on RIVIAM. Where a patient is already in the care of a provider and an information sharing agreement is in place, the directory becomes a live dashboard.

Access services from a provider; reduce workload

Once a provider is selected for a patient, real-time information from RIVIAM is presented. Users can interact with the information and communicate with the service provider.

Improves access to GP Services

GP Portal provides support for NHS England’s Improving Access requirements by enabling EMIS Web users to book appointments into other GP Systems, including into TPP Systm1.

New models of care

RIVIAM enables GPs to become integral to the delivery of new models of care working with providers directly via their desktop.


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