Reporting and analysis

Gain invaluable insight into your services by easily analysing, managing and reporting on your practice or patient data.

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Reporting and analysis

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  • Data Extraction Services

    NHS organisations and approved health-related agencies can securely obtain raw primary care data to improve patient care and costs.

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  • SQL Suite

    A clinical audit tool ideal for practices, CCGs or practice-based commissioning clusters.

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  • Apex

    A business management and audit tool for primary care that improves patient access.

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  • G-Extract

    Exports data from within EMIS Web for storage in the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE).

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  • Audit+

    A powerful data analysis tool for GPs that makes auditing clinical data easier with real-time reporting within EMIS Web.

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  • FrontDesk

    A comprehensive practice management system for appointments and resource allocation.

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  • Outcomes Manager

    A simple and innovative approach to population level healthcare management.

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