EMIS Web workflow optimisation and clinical decision support that's built by GPs, for GPs.

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Features and benefits

  • Smart templates that automatically adapt to individual patient requirements helps clinicians follow standardised best practice based upon national or local guidelines.
  • Live monitoring of data typed into EMIS Web to ensure errors in clinical coding are corrected in real-time, improving efficiency and contract management.
  • Clinical safety alerts such as MHRA alerts and important NICE guidance are built into the QToolset and regularly updated to promote best practice and improve clinical safety.
  • Advanced reporting for GPs and CCGs to assist with contract management.
  • Easier enhanced services with automatic coding of work and the use of smart templates saves time and increases practice income.
  • Free QOF Data Validation reports for eligible subscribers help to identify coding errors that have been made over the previous year.

The QToolset, by Ardens QMasters Medical Informatics, is a clinical decision support and workflow efficiency solution for EMIS Web that ensures clinicians and other practice staff are offering high quality patient care and following best practice and national safety guidance. It includes smart templates, local clinical pathways, advanced reporting, and live monitoring of all clinical data to help improve clinical safety.

There are two versions of the QToolset

  • QToolset is a cost-effective solution to save time, maximise income, and improve clinical safety in individual practices.
  • QToolset Enterprise is our solution for CCGs and groups of practices, offering full customisation including standardised templates, referral forms, local clinical pathways, and reporting based on local contract requirements for data entry and reporting.

For clinicians

Clinicians benefit as they can save time during consultations and improve safety with real-time alerts about potential safety issues. Practices using our QToolset frequently receive CQC outstanding ratings due to these advanced safety features.

For CCGs

CCGs benefit as QToolset Enterprise includes standardised templates, referral forms, and local clinical pathways that are fully customised for local requirements to ensure member practices are recording data in the same way and submitting referrals using the correct forms. The improved clinical coding also helps to maximise income in each practice. QToolset Enterprise includes advanced reporting to assist commissioners with service evaluation and contract management.

QOF Data Validation

Coding errors are probably losing your GP practice thousands of pounds in unclaimed income each year if you are not correctly coding diagnoses in EMIS Web and actively checking for coding errors. Our data validation service identifies historical coding errors that are affecting your practice prevalence of chronic disease, and therefore the value of your QOF points and practice income.

Request a free Data Validation Summary Report for your GP practice via our website.


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