A clinical safety and efficiency app to support clinicians during their consultations

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PatientLeaf uses the latest software techniques to help clinicians: 

  • make better, faster and safer clinical decisions
  • spend better quality time with patients
  • educate patients about their conditions
  • avoid making the same historical error
  • easily familiarise themselves with unfamiliar patients
  • follow evidence-based guidance to improve health efficiencies.

The application analyses patients' medical notes in real-time and presents information relevant to the aspect of the record you want to see, in one easy view of their entire medical history.

It covers: blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke/transient ischaemic attack, peripheral arterial disease, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes. A health promotion module and attachments viewer are also included.

Displaying the effect of specific medications on a patient’s condition, PatientLeaf maps NICE guidance to tell you the optimum targets for the patient and highlights drugs that have not been previously tried.


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