Enhance incoming, outgoing and internal communications within the practice with a call recording, contact management and automated call handling solution.

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PatientConnect connects to any telephone system and EMIS clinical systems to enhance incoming, outgoing and internal communications within the practice.

With inbound calls a discrete on-screen display shows the patient’s name and regular doctor along with the ability to launch the medical record for the caller in a single click. This facility alone could save up to 20 seconds handling time per call.

The PatientConnect Dashboard shows bespoke alert notes and the contact history of previous communication between the practice and patient.

Furthermore, PatientConnect’s integration with the telephone system enables practices to capture new contact numbers for patients and their relatives with resulting cost and operational benefits for the practice.

Practices can also search and play recordings by a patient’s name. An optional link can be added to retrieve call recordings within the patient’s medical record notes.


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