Simplifying and automating all aspects of chronic disease patient call and recall

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PatientChase simplifies and automates all aspects of patient call and recall, helping practices to identify and communicate with co-morbidity patients and ensure that contact is coded back into EMIS Web.

The software gives you a watertight, methodical and easy-to-run recall system. With over 13 years of experience in helping practices, we've adapted all the methods that practices use to invite their patients.

PatientChase also handles flu recalls, NHS Health Checks and any other campaigns – putting all your recall on one place.

It's more than just a multi-method communication application - it’s also a clever search tool to identify concise cohorts of patients needing to be contacted. It instantly cross-references multiple-condition patients, messages to patients are automatically personalised and they are contacted the fewest times necessary.

Simply pick the conditions you're interested in using our Search Builder and the software does the rest. Bulk coding back into EMIS Web that patients have been invited is detailed – Read and SNOMED codes, codes for each condition and 1st, 2nd and 3rd codes are all worked out by PatientChase.


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