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Whether you want to improve communication between GP practices or between clinicians and their patients, we’ve got the solutions to help.

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Patient communication products

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  • Babblevoice streamlined communications

    Improve patient access and insight, and save on costs, with a hosted telephone system.

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  • Mitel Phone Manager

    View your patient’s record as you answer their call, saving both time and improving patient service.

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  • ContactAssist

    Integrate your telephony with EMIS Web to speed up caller verification, identify and capture new contact information, improve campaign effectivity and automate patient record access.

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  • Docmail

    Streamline your communication process whilst saving time and money with Docmail.

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  • Horizon Integrator

    A reliable, flexible, scalable and proven hosted communications service.

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  • iPLATO

    CCG and GP care messaging service for appointment reminders and health promotion.

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  • Medical Messenger

    Reduce DNA's and quickly and easily contact patients with low-cost text messaging.

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  • MJog Limited

    Appointment reminders, recalls and health campaign messages by SMS, voice or email.

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  • Patient Partner

    Automated 24-hour telephone appointment booking to improve patient access.

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  • CallConnect GP

    Intelligent telephone answering system designed to free up valuable resource, saving time and money whilst reducing the risk of human error.

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  • Screen Star

    Deliver informative and educational content to Television and Computer Screens in GP Practices and Hospitals

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  • GP Cloud Voice

    GP Cloud Voice® is an intuitive phone system that integrates with clinical systems, such as EMIS, and is specifically designed for GP surgeries, Federations, CCGs and PCNs.

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  • DrDoctor

    The DrDoctor Patient Engagement platform provides digital appointment management solutions that allow patients to book, cancel, or reschedule appointments.

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  • GP Web

    Provide your patients with a great online experience with our website design and management system. With a clean and simple design, we’ll create a site that truly reflects your organisation and supports patients to become more engaged with your services.

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