Outcomes Manager

A simple and innovative approach to population level healthcare management.

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  • Automatic data extractions from all major GP clinical systems for responsive, up-to-date central reporting.
  • Centralised cloud-based platform, accessible via web browser or mobile devices.
  • Identify specific cohorts of patients that are relevant to local healthcare challenges.
  • Helps guide behavioural change by suggesting diagnoses and appropriate treatment options without overpowering a GP’s judgement.
  • Typical uses include case finding, disease management, NHS health checks, local service payment calculations and service transformation.

Outcomes Manager is a simple and innovative approach to population level healthcare management. Collect healthcare data for every patient. Analyse information in a cloud-based dashboard. Share pathways and data entry templates with GPs to influence change.

  • Works with mixed economy of healthcare systems. 
  • Collect data from all major GP IT systems including EMIS and non-EMIS users.
  • Anonymised data for light information governance.

Extract detailed statistics about patients’ healthcare instead of entire patient records. Less data moves about and information governance requirements are very low.

Data is available immediately

  • Extract data as often as you want – weekly, monthly, quarterly.
  • Reports are available within 24 hours.
  • Request historical data for monthly or annual comparison.
  • Automated extractions so there is no need for manual intervention at GP practices.

Understand your population

Cloud-based reporting dashboard enables centralised analysis of any aspect of your population’s healthcare service provision including:

  • case finding
  • disease management
  • service re-design.


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