Appointment reminders, recalls and health campaign messages by SMS, voice or email.

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MJog provides advanced, multi-channel digital two-way messaging, that delivers appointment reminders, results, Patient (FFT) surveys and health campaigns, automatically via SMS, IVR (Voice), Email, Post and Smart App. Reduces DNA rates by up to 50 per cent and practice postal and telephone costs are cut substantially.

Utilising the built in Health Campaign Manager, MJog services increase patient engagement by building patient awareness and uptake of health services, improving clinic attendance. The easy scheduling and sending QOF related customisable message templates, throughout the year, maximises practice efficiency and attainment of QOF targets.

MJog’s Messaging services allows simple two-way messaging, where patients can respond to your carefully targeted reminders and requests to support a variety of chronic diseases, where all outgoing communications and responses can be automatically recorded back into EMIS using specific read Codes.

MJog offer a free one month trial to experience the benefits of advanced digital patient communications.

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