INRstar N3

Allows healthcare professionals to manage anticoagulation patients across a range of services.

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INRstar N3 assists healthcare professionals with the control and management of anticoagulation patients across a variety of service delivery models.

INRstar N3 is the latest, fully compliant version of the software hosted centrally on the NHS N3 Network and includes all the best features of INRstar Practice and Intranet Editions. Specifically designed to be more flexible and responsive to service provider requirements, INRstar N3 allows users to manage and review patients on the newer oral anticoagulants (NOACs) as well as warfarin and dalteparin. The software is fully compliant with all relevant UK and EU regulations and has accredited interfaces to LV, PCS and EMIS Web.

The certified clinical system interfaces save time and reduce the risk of data entry error by enabling users to: Add a new patient to INRstar, pulling the patient’s demographic details from EMIS and then save the patient's INR treatment information back into the corresponding patient record.

Note: there is an upgrade package available for locations that are using earlier versions of INRstar. Please call 01209 710999 or visit the website for more information.


Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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