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iGROW is the leading paediatric Growth Chart plotting software for height, weight and BMI utilised in the UK today. To date, 20+ UK NHS Hospitals have chosen iGROW as their preferred electronic solution, with many more at various stages of the implementation process.

Harlow Printing Limited, creators of iGROW, are the designers and developers of Growth Charts for children in the UK and are members of the DH/RCPCH appointed expert working group.

iGROW gives you the ability to plot height/weight and calculate the BMI for each newborn or child from the pre-term stage until they are 20 years old. Using the latest UK National Standard Growth Charts, including the UK Down Syndrome Charts, UK Turner Syndrome Charts and the new UK Sitting Height Charts, you are able to plot the data and view the correct chart along with any and all interventions made to the child’s health record.

All data input and/or altered is fully auditable utilising the back office functions. Through the use of assigned individual licences, information entered is then tracked back to the individual user.

iGROW is the only system in the UK which utilises the UK data behind the chart to calculate accurate measurements.

Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS.

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