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Hero is a cloud based solution that facilitates invoicing and payment through EMIS Web, and provides an online booking solution for EMIS Web Clinical Services and EMIS Web Community sites.

For billing, via the Hero desktop widget, EMIS Web users can invoice the selected patient and collect payment in-person via Card or Direct Debit removing the need for physical card terminals. Alternatively, invoices can be sent by SMS or email to 3rd parties such as businesses or guardians, and payment collected via the Hero portal. Full financial reporting and payment management is available through the browser tool.

To facilitate online booking, EMIS Web administrators can make specific EMIS Web slot types available for online booking. Patients view and select appointment times online, and can manage their booking via a portal. For patients previously registered at the EMIS Web site, the booking passes directly into the EMIS diary. For unregistered patients, a booking note is passed into the EMIS diary and the note can be replaced with a booking once the patient has been registered (manually or via PDS).

Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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