A population health platform which provides multi-level system visibility.

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  • Near real-time actionable intelligence.
  • Advanced population analytics.
  • Programmable so that you can execute care programmes across your population.
  • Identify gaps in care and provide recommendations into your workflow.
  • Highly scalable, robust and reliable suite of solutions built for today and tomorrow.
  • Normalise and aggregate data for any source – you don’t need other Cerner solutions to use HealtheIntent.

The advanced intelligence within Cerner’s industry-leading population health platform, HealtheIntent, gives you the visibility of your whole system at an organisational, population and citizen level – allowing you to shift from reactive acute care to proactive population health using best-practice clinical recommendations.

HealtheIntent integrates with EMIS Web to collect your data into a single format for analysis. Cerner’s tools give you the ability to analyse, track and manage gaps in care and identify at-risk patients within your population, so that you can implement recommended actions based on clinical pathways to reduce risk. HealtheIntent also allows you to predict forthcoming increases in demand to your services and make decisive and informed decisions.

Already supporting the success of Cerner’s clients’ population health programmes, HealtheIntent is providing a single source of truth to help health systems shift to proactive models of care aligned to the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Cerner connect the people, information and solutions that work together to drive continuous advancements in healthcare. Our electronic health record (EHR) platforms are used at over 25,000 facilities around the globe, while their population health platform is enabling the shift from reactive care to proactive care for almost 100 million people worldwide.

Cerner is constantly building on their foundation of intelligent solutions for healthcare. Cerner’s partnership with EMIS Health began in 2013 – together, we’ve a shared drive to deliver real interoperability while supporting GPs and clinicians to provide safe, connected and informed patient care.


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