FDB OptimiseRx

The only patient-specific medicines optimisation solution for primary care.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patient specific, clinically relevant prescribing messages  
  • Seamless messaging interface that is intuitive to prescribers  
  • Combines local CCG formularies with national clinical evidence to promote best practice prescribing
  • Promotes evidence-based, clinically effective prescribing  
  • Reduces variation in prescribing behaviour 
  • Optimises the clinical and cost effectiveness of prescribing within your CCG   
  • Proven financial returns   

FDB’s OptimiseRx, from Hearst Health International, is the most advanced patient-specific prescribing decision support solution for primary care and it is now seamlessly integrated with EMIS Web.

OptimiseRx uniquely applies complex data algorithms to the EMIS Web patient record to present prescribers with clinical guidance around alternative drug suggestions to support decision making at the point of care.

Early adopters of OptimiseRx with EMIS Web, such as NHS Liverpool CCG, have been working with EMIS Health and Hearst Health International to shape the way in which the solution interacts with EMIS Web.

  • Delivers best practice and cost saving guidance
  • Seamlessly integrated into the prescribing workflow of EMIS Web
  • Combines local CCG formularies with national clinical evidence
  • Demonstrable financial ROI against prescribing budgets
  • Live in 60 CCGs and already supporting more than 3 million prescribing decisions every month


Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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