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Deliver relevant information and promote your practice's services to patients while they wait.

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Features and benefits

  • Inform patients through tailored communications.
  • Create custom content.
  • Call patients to appointments.
  • Free up time for receptionists through reminders to patients.
  • Engage with patients while they wait for appointments.
  • Enhance the waiting room experience.

The waiting room is your patients' first impression of your practice. Create a better and more engaging waiting room experience with an advanced digital display system.

Inform and engage patients

  • Display tailored communications, such as opening times and practice services. 
  • Target specific groups of patients with content such as immunisation reminders. 
  • Call patients to their appointments and streamline the patient journey.

Simple and customisable digital signage

With unlimited access to a regularly updated media library and the ability to make your own content, your practice can inform and engage patients. Multimedia content can be scheduled in advance and with access to Envisage Coda apps, you can display Youtube media, local weather information, photographs and relevant tweets.

Envisage works as a health channel for patients – broadcasting a series of professionally designed health messages to educate patients and improve awareness of topical health issues.


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