A highly secure cloud-based system that provides medical reports on behalf of patients.

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Features and benefits

  • generate fully compliant, clinically coded, auto redacted medical reports in minutes
  • process SARs in seconds and send an electronic copy directly to your patient
  • manage all third party requests, invoices and payments through the Smart View Dashboard
  • complete medical reports from home using a safe, secure and fully encrypted environment
  • prepare medical reports ready for GP sign off.

MediData Exchange Limited provides medical reports on behalf of patients to insurance companies for the purposes of assessing suitability for insurance (“Medical Underwriting”) and processing insurance claims. MediData also provides medical reports on behalf of patients to solicitors who are acting for patients in cases of Personal Injury.

The service, MediData, allows patients to provide insurers or solicitors with a copy of their primary care information which is specifically relevant to the insurance or legal service the patient is seeking. MediData is providing a rapid, highly secure, digital version of what has previously been a manual process.

The MediData solution “eMR Web” is a secure cloud-based web environment. It runs the core MediData operation, hosted in secure ISO27001 data centres. This will store a copy of patient consent, capture the prepared medical reports from GPs, sanity-check the data, and pass the information on to the authorised insurer or solicitor. Accessed by GPs securely via a modern standards-compliant web browser.

MediData acts on behalf of patients who wish to have their medical data submitted for the purposes of obtaining insurance, making insurance claims or making Personal Injury claims.

  • Benefit to patients:
    Since insurers / solicitors will receive medical reports much more quickly, far fewer insurance applications will “time out”. This means that patients will be able to better compare insurance products to ensure they are getting the best policy for them. Patients will also no longer be unfairly denied insurance because of missing medical reports. Patients making Personal Injury compensation claims will have their cases judged by facts instead of failing due to absence of medical information.

  • Benefits to GPs:
    GPs currently may spend an hour manually piecing together data from a patient’s primary care record in order to provide a medical report to insurers. A GP may receive multiple requests for a patient if multiple parties require the information. This is time-consuming and detracts from other tasks. GPs are usually overwhelmed with work. MediData will significantly lighten the task of providing medical reports by automating most of the process, with the GP able to have the final say in amending and approving the automated report.


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