Easily create labels at a quick press of a key with a low-cost label printing system.

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Features and benefits

  • Quickly print labels and appointment cards at the press of a key.
  • Save time with information readily populated to be printed.
  • User-friendly solution allows you to print from any screen in your clinical system.
  • Seamlessly integrates with EMIS Health clinical systems.
  • Cut down on errors with accurate details and information.
  • Print different size labels without user intervention.

EasyLabeller is a low-cost label printing system that prints at the press of a key from any screen in your EMIS Health clinical system.

Accurate and quick results

With labels that are readily populated with patient data from your clinical system, you can ensure accurate printing and can cut down on errors.

It’s perfect for printing labels for pathology, X-ray and specimen bottles, or for printing cytology forms. And with the option to also print patient appointment cards, EasyLabeller allows you to get the resources you need quickly and efficiently.

Appointment card printing is included within the main product or can be purchased as a stand-alone system. Up to three appointments can be printed on each card, where you can also print the correct practice name and phone number for a branch site. EasyLabeller software is sold as an unlimited user site licence for a one-off charge.

EasyLabeller works with Brother, Dymo, Seiko, Star and Zebra label printers - and if using continuous label rolls, can print different sized labels with no user intervention.


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