Docman Vault Viewer

Supports greater interoperability and sharing of documents between healthcare settings.

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Features and benefits

  • Supporting new care models by providing information to the right people when they need it.
  • Consumed through an open API, Docman Vault provides a platform for sharing patient documents, Docman Hub letters and non-patient documents.
  • Created for all Health and Social Care Organisations, the Vault will allow organisations access to documents within Docman GP.
  •  Safe and secure connections in line with published NHS standards for approved and verified third parties.
  • Uploading documents to the Docman Vault is a seamless background process.

In line with the NHS 5 Year Forward View, Docman Vault supports shared care records and new models of care by providing access to documents and information. With a push for shared records, Docman Vault is an enabler to incorporate the latest documents to provide a complete view of that patient record.

Remove the barriers of document access for: 

  • Sharing records across a CCG or group of CCGs.
  • Sharing records across practices and federations. 
  • Extended hours access to documents. 
  • Secondary Care settings.


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