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Supporting the NHS for over 12 years, Docmail is the UK’s leading communication supplier for patient engagement. Designed with the NHS in mind, it streamlines the postal communication process, all within a few simple steps straight for your PC.

Used by over 4,000 medical practices, Docmail can be utilised for your daily and bulk mailings, from your all-important annual flu communications to appointment reminders. With a range of product types (such as letters, postcards and SMS) and the opportunity to include printed inserts, our hybrid mail tool opens up the opportunity for you to send a range of communications.

The aim is to ensure your mailings remain simple in their creation and effective in their delivery and that’s why Docmail has a range of built in features for you. From clinical system integrations, a useful library, scheduling options, bespoke printing requirements to fit your existing templates, no limits and no contracts to sign, the solution is there to work with you every step of the way.

It is easy to use, removes the administrative burden for your staff and can be implemented instantly allowing you to start sending your patients communications from as little as 50p+vat.

It’s perfect for driving efficiencies, meeting those all-important QOF targets and saving your practice time and money.

Security is vital 

We understand that the nature of your communications requires the upmost security in their production and delivery to your patients, which is why we have worked hard to become the most highly accredited hybrid mail system to support NHS organisations. Our Docmail system is fully GDPR compliant, Cyber Essential Plus certified, Data Security and Information Toolkit approved (standards exceeded) and is an approved supplier on NHS Digital and procurement boards.

Support is always on hand

We understand that you may require assistance or have questions regarding your mailings, so that’s why we have an expert support team available to answer any of your questions and provide FREE of charge training.

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