Data Extraction Services

NHS organisations and approved health-related agencies can securely obtain raw primary care data to improve patient care and costs.

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Features and benefits

  • Save time and money by feeding your data into in-house intelligence solutions.
  • Can be used to populate risk stratification models to improve patient care.
  • Transform the data into workable data sets to inform assessments and diagnosis.
  • Combine the data with other data sources to provide a whole health care economy view of patient populations.
  • No need for partner involvement.
  • Peace of mind that the data is coming directly from the supplier.

Our data extraction services address the growing need for using data in healthcare planning to support positive change within the NHS. Focused on quality, efficiency, accuracy and access, our services can assist you in:

  • measuring trends
  • risk stratification
  • prediction and forecasting
  • optimising use of resources 
  • commissioning of services
  • public health audits. 

“Capturing primary care data is massively important. It’s one of the data black holes if you haven’t got it, especially if you want to understand prescribing in primary care.”

David Crowther, business intelligence manager, NHS Oldham

Secure data for your peace of mind

All data extracted is bound by strict information governance, consent and data sharing agreements. 

We currently offer a selection of standard patient-identifiable, pseudo-anonymised and anonymised extracts once the necessary approvals are in place.

We use the OpenPseudonymiser algorithm that can be applied to alternative datasets to ensure effective data linkages. 


Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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