A browser-based order communications solution that improves accuracy and security.

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Features and benefits

  • Accuracy - automated data capture reduces clinical risk due to transcription errors.
  • Versatility - the software is flexible and expandable, ensuring complete integration with existing infrastructures, including Lab to Lab, GP, or PAS.
  • Instantly accessible - the status of each test can be viewed on the web browser at any stage, allowing immediate access to results, reducing laboratory time spent phoning through results and reducing repeat tests due to missing information.
  • Workflows - time saved in processing and communicating requests leads to a reduction in the pre analytical bottlenecks commonly associated with specimen reception.
  • Security - includes powerful encryption (SSL) and password technology at a system, folder, and document level.

dartOCM is a browser-based order communications solution, designed to meet the needs of individual users, primary care teams and hospital departments.

Accessed through a web browser, dartOCM can be used to order pathology, radiology or other requests either remotely from a GP surgery or directly from the hospital.

The solution enables users to easily input validated patient information, clinical information (coded and free text), and clinical tests based on the coding tables of the individual hospital.

Compatible with LV, PCS and EMIS Web, dartOCM provides real benefits across the full spectrum of requesting locations.



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