Crescendo DigiScribe-XL

An accurate and simple-to-use dictation solution that saves you time and eliminates errors.

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Features and benefits

  • simply create dictations at a click of a button
  • ensure accuracy with automated demographic labelling from EMIS Web
  • eliminate typing backlogs and improve turnaround times
  • easily submit dictations to be transcribed
  • keep information up to date with patient record retrieval in EMIS Web for editing and typing
  • save time by removing the need to type up notes during consultations

With over 25 years’ experience, Crescendo’s easy-to-deploy DigiScribe-XL dictation solution is trusted by tens of thousands of NHS professionals across the UK.

Accurate results through complete integration

As a fully accredited EMIS Health partner, the seamless integration between Crescendo and EMIS Web ensures the correct labelling of patient demographics into every dictation, helping to:

  • speed up the dictation process
  • eradicate typing errors
  • safeguard practices from potential cross referrals.

Each time the dictation is edited or transcribed, the corresponding patient record is automatically loaded in EMIS Web, guaranteeing the correct patient is selected every time.


Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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