An intelligent, multilevel, real-time,data capture system for situation reporting and escalation mitigation.


  • Timely, Accurate, standardised information 
  • One single version of the truth
  • Identification of recurrent themes 
  • Shared visibility 
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What is CEMBooks?

The software turns key performance indicators (KPIs) into OPEL scores and can receive data from existing IT systems. Each KPI score is weighted and combined to give an overall departmental status score. Narrative is added to status scores to give a comprehensive report. SitReps are posted to departmental ‘living walls’ in chronological order but also contribute to a more senior departments SitRep. This allows reports to ascend the organisational hierarchical structure to the top creating one single overall status report.

Why was the system created?

There is a need for a trust wide system that can bring performance reports and escalation actions together into a single format. The data needs to be accurate, reliable and automated to near real-time. The system needs to be transportable, easy to use, engaging and empowering for both staff members on the ground and operational managers. It needs to align to trust core values, improve staff wellbeing, deliver operational efficiencies and promote patient safety.

CEMBooks was developed by NHS Emergency Consultants and is a real-time operational software solution for capturing situation reports (SitReps) and escalation actions from departments across an organisation.

Short introduction to CEMBooks

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