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Improve patient access and insight, and save on costs, with a hosted telephone system.

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Features and benefits

  • Improve patient access to your services.
  • Easily call patients via EMIS Web at a click of a mouse.
  • Call recording as a default gives a clear record of communications.
  • Extensive auditing and reporting features provides important insight.
  • Quickly gain an overview of your practice’s communications.
  • Specifically designed for your primary care telephony needs.

All your needs supported in one system

Babblevoice for primary care is a modern business phone system designed specifically to meet your needs. With a range of features, it combines five different surgery systems in one solution: 

1. A hosted telephone system
Babblevoice includes every telephony feature you can imagine alongside a range of primary care specific features, including a surgery calendar to automatically change messages, a panic button, critical care list management options and much more.

2. Patient access
With Babblevoice, you give patient the ability to book and manage appointments for themselves using their telephone keypad and provide them with advanced triage support – as well as and more. With these tools, you can improve patient access to your services.

3. Babblevoice desktop
Previously named CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Babblevoice desktop automatically retrieves patients' EMIS Web records. You also have the ability to dial a patient's phone number at the click of a mouse and can forward a call with a simple ‘drag and drop.’ And with the capability to see who in the surgery is available today and who is on the phone, you’re provided with all the tools you need to efficiently make calls and manage your practice’s communications.

4. Call recording
All calls are recorded from the start, by default. Calls are recorded in stereo so that, no matter how heated the conversation, you can always clearly hear what was said.

5. Reporting and auditing
Babblevoice includes extensive reporting and auditing features which allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the surgery. Use either historical reports or real-time reports to find out what's happening in the surgery right now so that you can manage everything accordingly. This allows you to make decisions based on fact, not complaints.

Solutions that work for you

All five of these systems are available to you for the price of one - and Babblevoice is responsible for making them all work seamlessly together. On average, Babblevoice is 50% cheaper than your current telephone system. But more importantly, we care. If you think of a feature or improvement that would benefit all of our surgeries, then we will release that feature to you free of charge.

Babblevoice measurably improves patient access and satisfaction, better supports surgery staff and dramatically reduces costs - so why not call for a no obligation demonstration today?


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