Automated Patient Call Display

Call patients direct from appointments and save time with every patient seen.

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The LED (D300) patient call screen is a joint development between EMIS & JAYEX which seamlessly integrates with all EMIS appointment systems, enabling patients to be called by a single keystroke.

Accurate and reliable with no 3rd party software, the D300 is designed to improve practice efficiency, saving staff significant time in calling patients.  The clear to read bright red LED text delivers an easily read message, supported with an audio alert to attract the patients’ attention.

In addition to the professional patient call feature, EMIS developed software allows messages to be created, stored and displayed effortlessly, informing waiting patients if a Doctor is running late along with DNA or clinic messages.  On average 30 seconds is saved each time a patient is called, therefore a 4 partner practice seeing 120 patients a day will release 5 clinic hours a week.


Please note all enquiries are passed directly to the partner and will not be responded to by EMIS Health.

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