Online Private Referral

Save time with online private referrals via paperless electronic contact with consultants

  • Primary care

Processing a referral letter manually can take an average 25 minutes in administration and clinical time. Follow up will add even more time to your administration.

New functionality within EMIS Web enables practices to save clinical and admin time processing non-NHS referrals. Being able to refer to hospital consultants has been a long standing challenge. This new functionality can replace a cumbersome administration process and save your practice time and effort.

Placing your referral through EMIS Web reduces admin time to a few seconds.

Alliance Surgical’s consultant team will take care of all communications with the patient, including their choice and preferences, booking an appointment and advising them on the vagaries of insurance policies, self-pay prices, etc.

An update on your patient‘s pathway through secondary care is also fed back securely to the patient’s clinical record within EMIS Web.