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Provide your patients with a digital front door to their healthcare that allows them to easily seek support and self-help advice.


  • Join your processes together – our online consultation platform is fully interoperable with most clinical IT systems.  
  • Provide expert support – our clinically approved, GP-authored content covers 91 topics and includes over 200 videos.  
  • Relieve pressure on NHS practices - reduce unnecessary appointments by allowing patients to submit health queries at any time.  
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Deliver efficient, collaborative and informed care by offering e-consultations 

By providing their patients with the ability to easily e-consult, NHS GPs can more easily deliver collaborative and efficient care.

Simply accessed via your practice website or via Patient Access, our online consultation platform gives patients access to a wealth of clinically authored content. Not only that, but it also allows them to complete straightforward forms that they can use to detail their queries and concerns.

With patients sharing essential information, practices are much better able to triage them to the right person so that they can receive the right advice, right away. Combine this with the fact that patients also have access to resources that can help them better manage and understand their own health, and Online Consult could help you to reduce unnecessary appointments.

It’s all part of why Online Consult is the only e-consultation solution in the UK to hold the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) CE mark – a distinction that’s recommended by the British Medical Association (BMA).

Practice efficiency, patient experience and clinical governance

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director at, talks about how Online Consult (formally Online Triage) supports practice efficiency and improves patient experience as well as the clinical governance that underpins it.

Supporting practice efficiency

Improving patient experience

Clinical governance


An online consultation platform for NHS GPs, designed by NHS GPs

  • Provide patients with a wealth of support – not only can they access 200 straightforward videos, but your patients can also complete 75 forms covering 200 topics.
  • Know patients are getting the right advice – a team of over 20 GPs with more than 20 years of experience in generating clinical content has authored every clinical resource.
  • Easily understand requests – our team of GPs also created Online Consult’s forms in order to make them as clear as possible.

“When it comes to managing busy workflows and patient demand, Online Consult could be just what the doctor ordered”

Mira Rajan, practice manager, Shrewsbury Road Surgery

Improve how you communicate with customisable options

By allowing you to tailor completion and response time messages, our online consultation solution supports you to become more transparent with patients. You can customise links too in order to direct patients to providers of your choice, including pharmacies, specialist and local services, and NHS 111.


electronic forms


different topics


informative videos

An interoperable system that connects your e-consultations and processes together

  • Integrate your e-consultations: Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) integration connects Online Consult with your clinical IT system.  
  • Easily pick up queries: Integration with EMIS WebPatient Access and Docman means forms feed straight into your workflow.  
  • Ensure patients are kept in the loop: EMIS Web users can send SMS messages to patients about their queries and more through our partner product, AccuRx, whereas SystmOne or Vision users can do the same via their software’s SMS feature.  

Reduce pressure while providing NHS patients with a better experience

With information collected before consultations, clinicians throughout your practice can save time during appointments. It could relieve strain on your reception as well since consultations can be booked based on need – and not pressure.

Online Consult also gives parents and guardians the ability to submit details on behalf of those they care for. By offering a comprehensive way for everyone to gain help and support, you’re better placed to provide your patients with peace of mind.

NHS funding available

Making transformative changes to your care delivery might have no cost thanks to NHS General Practice Forward View funding that covers e-consultations.

Our online consultation platform is approved on the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) network too, making it easy for you to follow the NHS’s preferred procurement process.

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