A digital point-of-sale solution to effectively manage your retail pharmacy.


  • Maintain optimum stock levels with automated order generation.  
  • Improve customer experience with visual shelf-label printing and loyalty schemes.   
  • Generate comprehensive reports surrounding your stock levels and takings.
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Safe and secure electronic management of your retail pharmacy 

Multepos helps you maximise your retail pharmacy opportunities whilst enhancing the patient experience. Running alongside ProScript Connect, with the ability to switch from one software to another, helping you to improve the general administrative efficiency of your pharmacy retail functions. 

Designed exclusively for pharmacies with the sole purpose of aiding the pharmacy retail process, our system is continuously improving and changing based on industry pharmacy trends and contract requirements.

Why Multepos?

  • Maintain optimum stock levels with automated order generation  
  • Improved reporting for effective management
  • Generate comprehensive stock levels and takings reports
  • Secure, adjustable access for all your staff
  • Flexible training and support

A better customer experience  

Our Multepos system improves the customer experience in many ways including making products clearer and more accessible.  

  • Shelf-edge label printing helps to improve the clarity of each product and increases the visual impact for your customers. 
  • Simple receipt printing with the option to add your pharmacy logo makes receipts easier to understand and read.  
  • Help customers make savings by quickly identifying special offers to make buying bulk products faster and simpler.  
  • Show your customers that you value them by integrating customer loyalty rewards into your Multepos system. 
  • Provide more payment options with the ability to integrate card payment systems.  
  • Improve patient safety by being able to view patient information such as allergies and current medications before completing a sale to avoid conflicting medication.  

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