A digital point-of-sale solution to effectively manage your retail pharmacy.


  • Maintain optimum stock levels with automated order generation.  
  • Improve customer experience with visual shelf-label printing and loyalty schemes.   
  • Generate comprehensive reports surrounding your stock levels and takings.
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Safe and secure electronic management of your retail pharmacy 

Multepos is a Microsoft Windows-based system which has been developed exclusively for pharmacy. It ensures all point of sale (POS) transactions are handled and recorded efficiently and securely. By running Multepos alongside ProScript Connect you’ll not only improve the general administrative efficiency of your pharmacy’s retail functions but will also increase sales turnover, balance stock levels and increase gross profit from over the counter (OTC) products. 

All your data is protected and secured through an off-site electronic point of sales (EPoS) data backup. Plus, you can ensure that information is only available to those who need it by setting user roles and ability configurations. This means that any information relating to patients or medications is kept safe and secure whilst also improving patient safety by reducing the risk of selling conflicting medications.  

Automate orders and stock management 

With automatic order generation and transmission, you can maintain optimum stock levels and ensure that your OTC products always scan at the latest price. This also lets you set up in-store promotions quickly and easily so that you can increase sales of seasonal products. You can seamlessly transmit orders to pharmacy wholesalers and automatically update your order pad to ensure everything is up to date and completed in a timely manner.  

Staying up to date with your orders, sales and stock levels means you’ll be able to easily identify any discrepancies between what you have in stock and what you’ve sold. As a result, you’re less likely to over-order on stock and have a full audit trail to make sure everything adds up.  

A better customer experience  

Our Multepos system improves the customer experience in many ways including making products clearer and more accessible.  

  • Shelf-edge label printing helps to improve the clarity of each product and increases the visual impact for your customers. 
  • Simple receipt printing with the option to add your pharmacy logo makes receipts easier to understand and read.  
  • Help customers make savings by quickly identifying special offers to make buying bulk products faster and simpler.  
  • Show your customers that you value them by integrating customer loyalty rewards into your Multepos system. 
  • Provide more payment options with the ability to integrate card payment systems.  
  • Improve patient safety by being able to view patient information such as allergies and current medications before completing a sale to avoid conflicting medication.  

Improved reporting for effective management 

Reports are a great way to monitor your retail pharmacy sales, workflow and staff performances.  This can help you save time and money by identifying which products are performing poorly so that you can instead focus on fast-moving items or categories. As a result, you’re more able to differentiate between your most and least profitable items so you know where to focus your sales energy. As well as identifying the best-performing products, you can create and run reports surrounding peak sales times and best performing sales promotions, to help you plan future sales activity.  

You can also generate detailed cash-up reports to analyse your takings between certain dates for an in-depth view of your VAT figures. This will also help you effectively manage your cashflow and identify any discrepancies, so you have more control over your pharmacy finances.  

If you’re part of a pharmacy group, our Head Office module helps you manage your entire EPoS estate with central group reporting, configuration, price control and product management. Allowing you to manage your entire estate from a single point will help improve continuity and save you time by implementing the most up-to-date prices and offers in all your pharmacies.  

Flexible training and support 

Our service desk is open six days a week and acts as a single point of call for all your EPoS service needs and queries. Plus, your Multepos hardware will be fully maintained by our engineers from the date of instalment. This all adds up to the peace of mind you need, knowing that your equipment and software will continue to work when you need it. Plus, with training mode functionalities you can train every user to use the Multepos system effectively.  

Our development roadmap also ensures that your Multepos system is ready for the future of healthcare, with integration with ProScript Connect in development.  

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