Patient video, photography and dictation

Fast and simple clinical media management at your fingertips

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Record and review patient consultations instantly
  • Capture images with any camera or smartphone
  • Record and submit dictations to typists securely
  • Share patient images with external consultants
  • All media activities auto update patient records
  • Saves time and enhances patient experience

Secure and simple consultation recording

Recording patient consultations as part of a Registrars GP training program is time consuming and can distract patients from acting naturally when using conventional video recording equipment.

With Medivisum Record and Train it’s a breeze to manage the whole process of recording and reviewing patient consultations for GP’s, Registrars and GP Trainers. No more worries about breaching patient confidentiality codes of practice with media being vulnerable to access outside of the secure practice computer network.

Clinical photography management, made easy

Capture medical images and automatically upload to your clinical system from any digital camera, smartphone or dermascope.

Automatically annotate images with any desired title, patient data, date, time, clinician and select from a set of anatomical diagrams to easily identify the location of close up photographs. Submit images to secondary care to speed up the referral process.

Record dictations and submit to typists instantly

Instantly record and submit audio dictations directly to your admin teams securely within your practice computer network. 

Automatically annotate recordings with any desired patient details held within your clinical system and confirm urgency status at the touch of a button.

Utilising our low cost digital microphone and the Medivisum Dictate and Refer solution you can record, edit, delete, and overdub recordings without the need for any external recording devices.