Lloyd George digitisation

Fully managed and secure digitisation of your Lloyd George records


  • More informed care with patient information available digitally

  • Safer storage of your patient information

  • Make better use of valuable space across your practice

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Discover the benefits of digitising your patients' Lloyd George records

  • Making care more informed and more efficient 
    Make better care decisions by gaining immediate, digital access to your patients’ legacy medical records that detail their broader health histories.
  • Safer storage of your patients’ information
    Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged records and ensure that you keep patients’ medical information safe.
  • Free up valuable space across your practice
    Make better use of the room in your practice by freeing up space and removing bulky stacks of paper.
  • Secure disposal of confidential information
    We’re accredited to BS EN15173 standards, giving you the assurance that the paper records of your patients’ information are securely disposed of.

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Supporting better, more efficient care

The switch to electronic patient records has transformed the care patients receive for the better. Across care organisations, their information can be shared to give clinicians quick access to the information they need so that they can make the best decisions.

Lloyd George records are a legacy from a period of less connected care, but they still form an important part in detailing a patient’s broader medical history. That’s why it’s essential that these records are stored and are available if they’re needed.

But physical records take up vital room in organisations, and can take hours to sort through. To help you reclaim some of this space and gain back some time, we provide a digitisation managed service that takes your paper records and converts them into electronic ones.

Make the most of your space by going paper-free with digitisation

Whether you want to create a new consultation room, a larger reception or waiting area, more space for staff, or just want to free up some room, we provide you with a practical way to store your archives that gives you back valuable floor space. And for those who are growing in size, it allows you to manage your expansion without the need for costly relocation.

By removing paper records, you gain a streamlined and secure way to control large amounts of information – that can also support you to meet your paperless targets.

Reducing your risk

Our service ensures that your patients’ information stays secure and helps to minimise the risk you face:

  • we’ll dispose of your old paper records in line with BS EN15173 standards, so that you know that your patients’ confidential information is securely destroyed
  • eliminate the chance that your records will be damaged in the event of an emergency, like fire and flooding
  • use your digital records as a part of your business continuity plan
  • reduce the danger of misplaced or stolen records and improve patient safety.

Viewing the digitised records at point of care

Upon scanning and digitising your practice's Lloyd George records, we are able to then import the files into your clinical system. At the moment we can bulk upload the PDF scanned records into the EMIS Web clinical system. This means that as a separate service, clinicians have the ability to view the records at the point of care.

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