Lexacom 3

Quickly dictate, transcribe and dispatch documents with an accurate digital dictation system.

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Ensure accurate results with automatic retrieval of relevant patient data.
  • Keep everything up to date by including files, notes and other attachments with dictations.
  • Make dictations wherever you are.
  • Securely share dictations with your admin team for transcribing.
  • Automatically file the approved document into your patient’s notes.
  • Full integration with EMIS Web.

Give clinicians and their secretarial teams the ability to easily dictate, transcribe and dispatch documents quickly and efficiently.

With the ability to automatically retrieve relevant patient data and include files, notes and other attachments to dictations, you can easily make records and keep everything up to date. You can save time too by being able to send dictations securely to your admin team for transcribing. The approved document is also automatically filed into the patient’s notes.

Lexacom 3 also gives you the ability to make dictations at your desk, at a patient’s home or at your own home.

Joining up care through complete integration

You can improve workflow efficiency with Lexacom 3’s integration capabilities. The digital dictation software works alongside other Lexacom products like Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition, Lexacom Mobile dictation, and advanced management and reporting functions – it also seamlessly integrates with EMIS Web. With the use of our secure cloud technology, Lexacom users can work as a team and share work across branches or multiple sites. By easily joining up systems, you can create accurate documentation and enhance patient safety, allowing you to deliver an even better service to your patients.

Lexscom's cloud-based option, Lexacom Connect, enables practices to share resources. As a result, multiple GP practices across the UK are now working together more effectively, in line with the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View.

Fully supported

With secure information sharing across sites, automatic software updates, training and technical help, you are provided with all the support from Lexacom that you need

For any further enquiries relating to product functionality or pricing please contact our Partner directly: https://www.lexacom.co.uk/