Improve messaging capabilities, save time and comply with national messaging standards

Keystone helps to effectively manage data flows between hospitals, CCGs, GPs, community care and the NHS Secondary Uses Service (SUS), improving efficiencies and saving time.

  • Secondary care
  • Primary care
  • Community care
  • Mental health


Features and benefits

  • Quickly retrieve messages from many departments.
  • Submit all message types such as CDS v6.2, external data transfer, NHSMAIL/SMTP mail.
  • Easy translation of messages.
  • Quickly identify errors users are alerted by automated email.
  • Receive real-time test messages whilst live messaging continues.
  • Scalable and flexible - submit unlimited volumes of messages.
  • Improve data quality – test quality of messages before sending.
  • Reduce errors – quickly identify and amend messages.
  • Meet national standards – we work closely with HSCIC.
  • Improve efficiencies with automatic test checking and submission.

EMIS Health’s messaging solution, Keystone, enables healthcare organisations to provide the correct information, at the right time, to the appropriate NHS standards bodies.  We can manage data flows between hospitals, CCGs, GPs, community care and the NHS Secondary Uses Service (SUS). 

You can retrieve messaging from many departments such as pathology, radiology, clinical correspondence including discharge summaries, Commissioning Data Sets (CDS), Maternity Data Set and Health Checks message flows, reducing your capital costs and improving data quality from a variety of areas. You have an at-a-glance overview of all your messaging, making you aware of any errors so you can respond and amend immediately, and improve the quality of your own data.

We work closely with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) before a new message type is released, so you can continue a smooth messaging workflow without delays.

Take advantage of our CDS Translation Service, where we can manage the translation and submission of your CDS messages on your behalf, saving your staff valuable time and greatly reducing likelihood of errors and late submissions.

“EMIS Health has supplied a very reliable system for pathology and CDS messaging to us for over 10 years.”

Edwin Turner, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust


We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 30 years. We believe that connecting patient information across healthcare settings enables better care, which is why our solutions are developed with interoperability in mind.

Through our Partner Programme, we also work with over 40 different companies, so that you can choose from a wide range of additional products that seamlessly exchange data with our products. 

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