Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy system

Managing medicine, preventing clinical errors and reducing paper in hospital pharmacy

Medicines represents one of the highest spends in the NHS. We support clinicians and hospital pharmacy staff to ensure patients receive the medicines they need safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

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Hospital Pharmacy

Features and benefits

  • Full dispensing and stock control.
  • Inbuilt decision support.
  • Enable ward-held stock.
  • Interface seamlessly with other systems.
  • Improve patient safety.
  • Reduce the number of transcriptions.
  • Save time for hospital pharmacy staff.
  • Reduce medication errors.

Supporting hospital pharmacies with fast, accessible prescription information

On the road to a paperless NHS, the EMIS Health Hospital Pharmacy system is the first essential step towards full, electronic prescribing. Our systems have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of pharmacists at the point of care and close the loop from prescribing to dispensing. More importantly, EMIS Health Hospital Pharmacy puts patient safety first with robust decision support to avoid prescribing errors. Allow your pharmacists to deliver clinical services directly to the ward, influence prescribing decisions and improve outcomes for patients.

Our hospital pharmacy system modules include:

  • Dispensing and Stock Control – Close the loop between prescribing, pharmacy and administration with instant access to information across the process.
  • Manufacturing & CIVAS – Provides seamless processing of locally prepared and manufactured products.
  • Parenteral Nutrition – Delivers full support for processing neonatal, paediatric and adult Parenteral Nutrition, from prescribing to compounding.
  • Finance Manager – Identify stock balancing errors drug by drug and resolve stock balance issues with accurate reporting and data integrity.
  • Patient Specific Ordering (HomeCare) - Reduces the complexity of managing homecare by integrating the patient’s medication record with orders and automating financial transactions.
  • Prescription Tracker – Monitor the dispensing process with flexible, adaptable workflow.
  • eMedicines Management – Enable pharmacists to deliver services directly to patients on the ward and influence prescribing decisions.
  • Pharmacy Clinical Desktop – Create notes as part of a patient record, monitor high risk drugs and prioritise patient specific tasks.

"The system paid for itself in the first two months"

Brian Smith, Chief Pharmacist at the Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Read the case study here

Hospital Pharmacy modules

  • Electronic Medicines Management

    Electronic Medicines Management enables pharmacists to deliver services directly to patients on the ward and influence prescribing decisions.

  • Finance Manager

    Quickly resolve differences between your stock systems, save time, money and ensure stock is up to date.

  • Manufacturing and CIVAS

    Full visibility of costs and activity of your hospital pharmacy manufacturing processes.

  • Parenteral Nutrition

    With seamless prescribing and regimen building, your patients are provided with safe, correct medication dosages.

  • Patient Specific Ordering

    Reduce manual effort of ordering medicines, provide safer, better care for patients in their homes.

  • Prescription Tracker

    Meet dispensing targets by quickly and easily monitoring your dispensing process.

  • Robotics

    Seamlessly dispense medicines, ensuring you get medicines to the right place at the right time.


We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 25 years. We believe that connecting patient information across healthcare settings enables better care, which is why our solutions are developed with interoperability in mind.

Through our Partner Programme, we also work with over 40 different companies, so that you can choose from a wide range of additional products that seamlessly exchange data with our products. 

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