Manufacturing and CIVAS

Have full visibility of costs and activity of your hospital pharmacy manufacturing processes, helping support workload and capacity information gathering.

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Features and benefits

  • Supports both patient specific and batch prepared manufactured products
  • Full visibility of costs and activity
  • Integrated with EMIS Health Hospital Pharmacy
  • Meets quality assurance and MHRA requirements
  • Automates calculations
  • Volume splitting for syringe products

As an integrated part of the web pharmacy solution, our Manufacturing and CIVAS module provides seamless processing of locally prepared and manufactured products.

You have full control of your compounding activity, using locally defined products with formulae, including full version and document controls. All calculations regarding the preparation are fully handled and the system provides worksheet and labels along with full stock management.

Batch number allocation and expiries are also handled by the system. Batch manufacturing facilities provide support for bulk production, re packing and extemporaneous dispensing with all associated stock and costing controls.

As part of the ongoing investment in the Manufacturing and CIVAS module, new functionality includes:

  • QA Yield Function in Manufacturing - Allows a portion of a manufactured batch product to be booked out automatically at manufacture to a designated QA cost centre.
  • Manufacturing Bond Store Functionality - allows batch manufactured products to be automatically transferred into a 'Bond store'. This function can be set on the individual product formula and locked.
  • Actual Concentration Print Elements - The system will calculate the actual concentration of a CIVAS product based on the dose of drug included and the volume delivered.
  • Volume splitting for products in syringes - CIVAS Label reprint marker - add a reprint marker to a CIVAS label template to show if the label is a reprint. The original copy will have no marker, whilst the reprinted version will have a character added. This will be definable, so reprints can easily be identified from the original.

The software is designed around GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) and meets the needs of today’s quality assurance requirements.

We can now help with the management of aseptic medicines too, with our Aseptic Medicines Management.

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