Aseptic Medicines Management (AMM)

Aseptic Medicines Management allows your hospital pharmacy to reduce human error from aseptic medicine preparation, reducing risk and improving patient safety.

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Features and benefits

  • Remove paper from the preparation processes, meeting Paperless 2020 targets and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Scheduling tool allows you to plan medicine compounding capacity and manage stock with a short shelf life.
  • Full audit trail and tracking capacity when joined with ePMA, Hospital Pharmacy and Medicine Management modules.
  • Flexible workflow planning tailored to your hospital pharmacy.
  • Reduce the risk of human factors through barcode scanning and automatic volume calculations.
  • Improve safety with better filtering when linking products to prescriptions for production.

The AMM module supports safer, more efficient aseptic medicines compounding & manufacturing, improving efficiency while reducing risk.

Full visibility

AMM provides a full audit trail and the ability to monitor your drug compounding and manufacturing operation. By combining our Hospital Pharmacy, ePMA and electronic medicines managements (eMM) modules with our AMM module, you can monitor each stage of the process. Real time data processing and collection also helps you to stay up to date and access more accurate information for analysis and quality monitoring.

Improved workflow

Adapt the AMM workflow to suit your Trust’s set up, making sure that the system works for you. The module’s scheduling tool allows you to schedule work more effectively by allowing you to ‘drop’ supply requests into defined working sessions, which helps with capacity planning – it even allows you to see when you’re working up to the limit. The AMM module also makes it easier to monitor stock with a short shelf life to prevent medicine wastage.

Reduce risk of human factors

Because the AMM system makes all the information you need digitally available there’s no need to carry around extra sheets of paper. This means that you:

  • reduce the risk of spreading germs by removing the need to carry paper into a sterilised environment
  • work towards Paperless 2020 targets
  • reduce human error
  • reduce errors caused by illegible handwriting
  • prevent issues caused by missing or lost paperwork
  • full visibility of capacity and scheduled work means less chance of missed doses.

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