Deliver increased efficiencies, safety and outcomes for patients with electronic prescribing.


  • Integrates with pharmacy stock control system and supports full auditing.
  • Improve patient safety with instant access to all patient information in one place.
  • Reduce drug spend, wastage and prescribing errors.
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Clinicians are able to access, record and share real-time patient data, which provides tighter control of drug budgets, faster discharge turnaround and increased safety. Single click actions ensure intuitive navigation whilst instant drug supply requests and medicines reconciliation provide more complete closed loop prescribing.  

With a number of new features and updates including an interactive drug chart, ePMA 10.16 makes it easier to access key information and perform important tasks.

Simple access to the support you need

By having all the information about a patient’s medication at their fingertips, clinicians are able to make more informed decisions and provide safe, effective care for patients. The new interactive drugs chart means you can carry out all your tasks from one screen, while expandable medicine views give you instant access to extra information when and where you need it.

The system provides an integrated process with no transcription, leading to tighter control of drug budgets, faster discharge turnaround and increased safety.

ePrescibing also allows you to prescribe complex regimens with a single click and supports all forms of UK prescribing practice. Not only that, but it's the only prescribing solution that covers the needs of mental health and acute settings. By capturing quality, up-to-date information, we can support your drive to improve patient outcomes through detailed reports, clinical audits and outcome reviews.

Improve care, safety and turnaround times with dedicated modules

  • Drug Chart View gives you a clear, intuitive display of prescriptions and the patient’s entire treatment.
  • Critical information is clearly highlighted, including overdue doses, which enables you to see key information at a glance.
  • Discharge Summaries ensures faster patient discharge turnaround times by automating the production of discharge information from secondary to primary and community settings.


“The level of controls and flexibility is now quite remarkable. The potential benefits via management of prescribing, lack of transcription and no faxing of prescriptions are going to be enormous.”

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