Hospital medicines management

We’re supporting clinicians to collectively contribute to high-quality, efficient and safe care by closing the loop between wards, departments and pharmacies.


  • Deliver better care, together by giving clinicians across teams access to vital data. 
  • Work efficiently and save time with instant messaging and tasks.  
  • Reduce costs and paper by making everything electronic.  
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Ensuring a seamless flow of information with closed loop prescribing 

Multidisciplinary teams spread throughout wards and dispensaries are working together to deliver individualised, timely, safe and fully informed care by using our electronic medicines management solution.  
Closing the loop between prescribing, stock management, finance, and pharmacy and administration processes, our systems give everyone access to a seamless flow of information so that they can effortlessly work together. And what’s more, it could help you to meet your targets and aims – like those in the NHS Long Term Plan. 

“Over the next five years, all providers will be expected to implement electronic prescribing systems to reduce errors by up to 30%.”

The NHS Long Term Plan

Helping you to improve clinical outcomes  

  • Deliver safer, more accurate care by instantly accessing up-to-date patient information. 
  • Reduce patient waiting times with instant tasks and messaging. 
  • Prevent dangerous drug interactions or allergic reactions with clinical decision support.  

Reduce costs, paper and time spent on admin 

  • Declutter your department by going paper-free and removing prescription sheets. 
  • Join your systems together with interfaces that connect you with third-party IT solutions. 
  • Find support with your local processes and protocols with the ability to map your systems. 
50% reduction in medication errors

Three supportive systems to close your organisation’s loop 

Closing your loop might seem like it’ll involve having to manage multiple moving parts, but in reality, things are pretty simple. In fact, our whole offering’s made up of just three core systems: 

  1. Hospital Pharmacy: Start here and you’ll have everything you need to effectively manage and dispense stock. You can easily handle specific needs like manufacturing and parenteral nutrition too with optional modules.  
  2. Electronic Medicines Management (eMM): Add eMM to the mix and you take the first steps towards e-prescribing. Your pharmacists can now clinically check prescriptions on the ward, right by the patient’s side.  
  3. Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA): The final piece of the puzzle, your clinicians now have the data needed for quick and safe prescribing. Nurses are also supported on medication rounds and transcription errors have disappeared.  

Hospital medicines management

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