Manage patients with long term conditions more effectively

Providing clinicians and patients with support and information in the ongoing treatment and management of care to enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

  • Secondary care


Features and benefits


  • Virtual Clinic allows specialists to run clinics remotely.
  • Fast, intuitive data entry.
  • Telephone 'flare-line' review.
  • Integration with other clinical systems.
  • Links with the UK national IBD registry and Biologics Audit website.
  • Reduce acute patient visits.
  • Improve patient safety and care.
  • Instant access from multiple locations.
  • Reduce costs through high cost drug monitoring.
  • Comply with industry standards.
  • Reduce transcription time through real time data entry.

EMIS Health’s gastroenterology solution supports gastroenterology teams in the management of patients with long term conditions such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). Clinicians have an overview of full patient details, including diagnosis and drug outcomes, which can be analysed over time to review effectiveness of treatment for patients.

By integrating with other clinical systems, such as endoscopy and pathology, clinicians are able to review results and care information from within one system.

Clinicians can also run remote clinics through the Virtual Clinic functionality, which reduces the amount of acute patient visits. These can be scheduled and prompted when due within the system, with patient and GP letters being automatically generated.

Telephone 'Flare-line' review functionality allows quick updating of the patient record, saving subsequent transcription time. The system can automatically link with both the UK national IBD registry and Biologics Audit website to upload all relevant datasets and avoid clinician double entry.

"We expect to save at least £350,000 per year by improving correct drug use in gastroenterology"

Dr Fraser Cummings, consultant gastroenterologist and lead clinician at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Gastroenterology in secondary care


We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 30 years. We believe that connecting patient information across healthcare settings enables better care, which is why our solutions are developed with interoperability in mind.

Through our Partner Programme, we also work with over 40 different companies, so that you can choose from a wide range of additional products that seamlessly exchange data with our products. 

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