The first product in the EMIS-X Analytics suite, Explorer will deliver self-service business intelligence for healthcare by enabling users to query, analyse and visualise data.


  • Detailed data analysis at speed and scale.
  • Efficient reporting, intelligence and population health insight
  • Access through a trusted, safe & secure cloud environment
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Access complex data sets at scale and speed

We’re making it easier than ever before to securely query, explore and analyse patient data efficiently. Explorer enables fast and reliable access to complex data sets at source that will help you to optimise healthcare delivery.

Data you can trust, hosted safely and securely in the cloud

We’re experienced in handling large complex data sets within a highly regulated environment. Leveraging the power of AWS, designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today, we're ensuring you can be confident in our data security.

Rapid access to the right data at the right point in time

With analytics on demand, you’ll have the ability to query the data you are permitted to access, in an easy to use format, whenever you need it.

Flexibility to use the tool of your choice

Analysts will have the choice to query data at source, automate routine queries, connect their existing Business Intelligence tools or extract data into their own analytics environments. You can even build your own dashboards or reports using Visualiser, our bolt on data visualisation tool.

Informing sophisticated intelligence with meaningful data

By giving you direct access to powerful analytics tools and data that is easier to investigate, you’ll be able to yield more insights than ever before.

Direct access to data at source

Explorer connects directly with data stored in EMIS’ cloud environment, eliminating the risks and associated costs of data duplication, removal and local storage. Data can only be accessed by authorised users using multi-factor authentication.

Greater flexibility and more accessible data sets than ever before

By accessing data in its native format or in carefully crafted views, without the limitations of pre-built reports or fixed dashboards, we’re enabling a more flexible toolset for onward analysis and decision support.

How does Explorer work?

Explorer is a query engine, connecting users directly to data held within EMIS-X.

Access guard then automatically identifies and verifies the user and applies the relevant user and organisational sharing agreement rights. This ensures that only permitted data can be viewed in a format that is appropriate to that user.

Queries can be run manually by authenticated analysts, or programmatically via direct machine > machine connection (Java Database Connectivity / Open Database Connectivity).

You are able to connect your BI tool of choice to Explorer. For users that do not have existing BI tools, Visualiser can be purchased as a bolt on to allow dashboards or reports to be built by the customer.


Visualiser is our bolt-on data visualisation tool. Used in combination with Explorer, users can visualise their data by creating personalised dashboards or reports, for onward use by healthcare professionals helping bring the data to life for non-technical users.


EMIS-X is a clinical platform that will enable an integrated healthcare ecosystem and revolutionise the UK’s health and care landscape.

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