EPR Viewer

By providing you with vital patient information at the point of care, EPR Viewer helps to make treatment more accurate.

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Features and benefits

  • Access real-time patient information.
  • Reduce duplicate tests with access to vital information.
  • Regulated access levels to data.
  • Secure information sharing.
  • Improve patient experience and reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Read-only view available.

In the UK, EMIS Web is the most widely used clinical system in primary care. Now available to healthcare professionals across community, mental health and secondary care, it provides access to the GP records of every patient you treat. 

Access clinical information 

With EPR Viewer, you can view vital primary care information for the patients you're caring for - including current medications and allergies.

Improved patient safety and efficiency 

Whether you're a consultant in A&E medicine or a mental health nurse, having access to this real-time information can significantly improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of care, as well as your efficiency and productivity.

With over 50% of the UK's GP practices using one of our clinical systems, EPR Viewer gives you potential access to over 39 million patient records. 

"EPR Viewer has revolutionised our lives."

Lynn Bruce, pharmacy team leader, Royal Blackburn Hospital

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