Improve efficiencies and patient care with our integrated solution

Capture highly detailed clinical data from all gastrointestinal departments and meet national standards for procedure reporting.

  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Fast and intuitive clinical procedure reporting and recording. 
  • Automatically generate Global Rating Scale (GRS) and Joint Accreditation Group (JAG) reports.
  • Full integration with your clinical system. 
  • Meet Paperless 2020 targets. 
  • Make more informed decisions with access to rich clinical data. 
  • Improve data quality through mandatory fields. 

Endoscopy is a web-based, comprehensive procedure recording and reporting tool that allows clinicians to accurately record all procedure details.

Our Endoscopy solutions cover all gastrointestinal (GI) procedures, as well as bronchoscopy and cystoscopy. We enable quick and highly detailed capture of clinical data as part of the routine operation of the department.

Meet national standards

Our reporting is based on national and professional dataset standards, providing accurate, fast and comprehensive information. This also allows you to quickly create and submit reports for auditing purposes. 

Integrated appointment schedule

With integrated appointment scheduling, clinicians have patient appointment information at their fingertips. And since they can view pre-selected patient lists at the start of their day, risk is minimised. 

Fully integrated with your clinical system

Through full integration with your clinical system, our Endoscopy solution supports the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP) and links seamlessly with our gastroenterology module, providing easy access to all procedure reports and improving patient care and safety. 

"We have vastly improved the speed and quality of our Endoscopy reporting and auditing."

Tracie Jarvis, endoscopy nurse practitioner, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 30 years. We believe that connecting patient information across healthcare settings enables better care, which is why our solutions are developed with interoperability in mind.

Through our Partner Programme, we also work with over 40 different companies, so that you can choose from a wide range of additional products that seamlessly exchange data with our products. 

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