EMIS-X Document Manager

EMIS-X Document Manager will allow you to manage all your inbound documents with ease, in an application that seamlessly integrates with EMIS Web.


  • Simplify work with an integrated user experience
  • Improve data quality with intelligent clinical tools
  • Optimise workload with automated workflows and views
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As the first clinical product built on our cloud-based EMIS-X platform, Document Manager will simplify the coordination and management of patient documents.

Our integrated user experience will keep things simple, with single sign on from EMIS Web, and a single location for all inbound documents, including email integration, online triage forms, NHS111 messages and structured clinical messages based on the latest FHIR standards.

Intelligent tools will improve data quality and patient safety, from clinical templates to intelligent coding suggestions based on Optical Character Recognition.

Our solution will enable practice efficiencies, with live dashboards that give an at-a-glance view of workloads, and automated workflows to ensure documents are directed to the most appropriate person or team.

Users will benefit from:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – using intelligent coding suggestions to help ensure important information isn’t missed
  • Custom workflows – enabling documents to be sent to the most appropriate team or person to improve practice efficiencies
  • FHIR messaging - add received SNOMED codes to a GP record in a few clicks, reducing time spent processing coded documents
  • Clinical templates – ensuring the most appropriate clinical codes are consistently used
  • Actionable business intelligence – through live dashboards, providing at-a-glance views of work assigned to teams or individual users
  • Single sign on via EMIS Web – allowing you to maintain users, passwords and permissions in one centralised system
  • Auto-sync with EMIS Web ensures you always have the right patient in context – improving clinical safety and reducing time and clicks when processing documents for multiple patients


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