As part of Jeremy Hunt’s plans for delivering a paperless NHS by 2018, HSCIC launched the GP System of Choice (GPSoC) to help GPs get the best out of their clinical systems by improving interoperability, allowing easier access to third party systems and, crucially, promoting digital engagement.

The new GPSoC contract allows you to choose the products and services that are best for your practice and patients. It’s also been designed to help you achieve your targets, including paperless working.

About GPSoC

What is the new GPSoC contract?

The new GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) contract is a framework agreement through which GPs, CCGs and other NHS organisations in England can procure goods and services from accredited suppliers. The new contract replaces the old GPSoC contract which ended in March 2014.

We’ve signed up to the GPSoC framework agreement for an initial term of April 2014 to December 2016, with the possibility that that contract could be extended for a further two years. After that, call off agreements (orders) can continue for up to three years beyond the final expiry of the framework agreement.

Visit HSCIC for more information about the contract.

GPSoC benefits

What are the benefits of GPSoC?

The framework provides you with a way to procure goods and services from approved and assured suppliers.

There are lots of benefits to the GPSoC contract, including:

  • choice – you can choose the products and services that are best for you and your practice
  • save time – our system is designed to help you work efficiently, with integrated time-saving tools and shortcuts
  • reduce costs – by integrating services, you can benefit from reduced admin time and by using online patient services, DNA rates have been proven to dramatically reduce
  • meet targets – the national services available via the framework help you meet NHS targets, such as paperless working.

The cost to practices

How much will it cost for practices?

The funding for Lot 1 services is centrally funded by HSCIC or your CCG - so there’s no cost for your practice if you choose to stay with or move to EMIS Web. 

Funding information is available at HSCIC.

Are training/deployment costs included?

Deployment and training are partially funded centrally. Additional training is available which would need to be paid for by your CCG, CSU or your practice.

More information is available via HSCIC.


We’ve been finding out exactly what is required and how it affects you so you can easily find all you need to know in one place.

We’ve done the hard work for you

Sometimes you just need simple, straight-forward facts without all the detail. Whether you work in a practice or CCG, our GPSoC FAQs explain everything you need to know about the new framework – from benefits and services to costs and funding.

For a list of FAQs for practices or CCGs, email

A paperless NHS by 2018

National services

There are four key online services that, once utilised, will help to improve efficiency and provide a better service for patients:

e-Referral Service

The e-Referral Service (formerly known as Choose and Book) is a HSCIC programme supported by EMIS. It’s an electronic referral booking system that allows you to create referrals, reserve and book appointments and create referral letters.


GP2GP enables the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of a patient to be transferred securely and directly to a new practice when the patient registers at that practice. Help us improve GP2GP for you – take our short survey

Electronic Prescription Service

Electronic Prescription Service (EPSr2) enables GPs and practice nurses to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of the patient's choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for both patients and staff.

Summary Care Record

Summary Care Record contains essential health information about any medicines, allergies and adverse reactions derived from their GP record. This gives healthcare staff faster and easier access to essential information improving the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care.

Online patient services

In addition, Patient Access allows your patients to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view their own records online.

Speak to the experts

We have over 350 support and training staff who can help with any questions or training you may need to set up and manage these services.

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