EMIS Web for urgent and emergency care

Provide high-quality and joined-up urgent and emergency care with our digital clinical system, EMIS Web.


  • Manage the patient journey and four-hour targets via the Patient Tracking module. 
  • Share and access patient information from other organisations for joined-up and informed care. 
  • Use Search and Reports to inform service improvements.  
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Transforming the delivery of urgent care

The use of technology in urgent care is vital to saving time, reducing the use of paper and meeting targets. With patient and clinical safety at its heart, EMIS Web allows you to deliver high-quality care and make informed clinical decisions. From urgent treatment centres, to walk-in-centres and minor injury units, we’re helping to alleviate the pressures that services face by transforming the way care is delivered.  

Gain a clear picture of your services 

EMIS Web’s Patient Tracking module gives you the ability to track and manage care delivery at every stage of the patient journey. A patient timeline and colour-coded indicators help you keep to the NHS’ four-hour target and better manage your workflow. Whether you want to see specific details or an entire overview of a patient's care, you can quickly get a grasp of a patient’s situation with customisable views and tools.

Patient Tracking also gives you the ability to capture and report on important patient and workflow data as required by the national data set for urgent and emergency care. This provides you with a clear picture of how your organisation is run and which targets are being met. You can view: 

  • the length of time patients spent in your department, identified by colour coding which is aligned to the four-hour target  
  • the severity of the patient’s condition, driven by the Manchester Triage System (MTS) 
  • the patients' age, location, assigned clinician, last/next action, presenting complaint and additional notes. 

To ensure you collect all the relevant information, you can even set up customised columns to really get to know your typical patient journey and clinical workflow for each individual service. You can also set due times for tasks and view the last actions taken in a patient’s history, so you have an up-to-date picture of their treatment journey.

With such a high demand on urgent care, saving time wherever and however possible is more crucial than ever.

Free up more time for patients 

With a combination of simple and consistent data-entry procedures and pre-built document templates, EMIS Web allows you to speed up several processes throughout your workflow. This not only ensures that data is captured and coded consistently across the service, but also allows you to see, treat and discharge patients as quickly as possible. As a result, you’re more likely to meet the four-hour target for each patient.  Yate Minor Injuries Unit did just this, seeing 99% of their patients within the four-hour target with the help of EMIS Web.  

Cross organisational working for more joined-up care 

EMIS Web allows you to work closely with other EMIS Web organisations in your area. By sharing patient records with GP and community providers you’ll have a clearer view of why a patient is presenting certain symptoms, so that you can provide safer and more informed care. Plus, by linking directly to the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) you can communicate with and contact your patients easily, matching them to their personal health records for more informed care.  

System integration also allows you to book follow-up appointments directly into GPs' appointment books. This will help you provide more joined-up care and meet Paperless 2020 targets by reducing the need to send letters. Overall, it speeds up the follow-up process by removing the need to wait for letters, faxes and telephone calls to be responded to.  

Seamless integration with Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS), provides access to child protection information. This allows clinicians to support the care of vulnerable patients who attend urgent and emergency care services.  

 Reporting and analysis made easier than ever 

With Search and Reports you can quickly and easily create reports and analyse your services so that you can make informed improvements. Plus, with A&E Commissioning Datasets already accessible and Emergency Care Data Sets being added into EMIS Web in early 2019, you’ll also be able to report on national data sets.  


Helping emergency care departments improve care, efficiencies and outcomes in a pressured environment.

Designed to support busy A&E units, with fast data entry and clinical decision support, Symphony can help you save time and improve patient outcomes.

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