Patient Access

Free to practices using EMIS Web, Patient Access is the UK’s leading GP online services platform. It saves time for both patients and GPs by giving patients more control of their own health.


  • Appointments can be booked and cancelled online, reducing DNA rates and freeing up more time for patients in urgent need of an appointment.
  • Provide secure two-way messaging between clinicians and patients for improved communication, reducing the need for lengthy face-to-face appointments.
  • Free to all GP practices using EMIS Web.
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Helping to improve patient self-care

Patient Access helps save precious time for both GPs and patients by providing patients with the ability to manage their health online and via the mobile app. The service allows patients to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, access their medical records and view test results, all online. 24-hour availability means that patients can access the services they need outside of practice hours and don’t have to wait to speak to reception. This means that patients can manage their health at a time and place that best suits them, reducing the need to visit the practice.

Saving time for busy clinicians

Giving patients this level of control over their health also helps to save time in the practice. Because they’re able to book and cancel appointments online and ensure their appointments are at a time that suits them, patients are more likely to attend the appointments they really need and cancel those they don’t. This helps to reduce DNA rates and frees up more appointment times for patients in urgent need. It also reduces the number of appointments booked to request repeat prescriptions and receive test results, giving clinicians more time to focus on other tasks.

Secure information sharing and communication

Patient Access also helps to improve communication between clinicians and their patients by enabling secure, two-way messaging. This means that minor conditions, test results and prescriptions can be discussed privately without a physical appointment. Not only does this prevent the patient from unnecessary travel, it also keeps clinicians’ diaries free for urgent appointments.

Secure record sharing also enables clinicians to share patient information with other clinical teams involved in the care of a patient, providing accurate and joined-up care.

How can Patient Access help my patients?

  • Online appointment bookings and cancellations means less time spent on hold.
  • Ensure patients get their regular medication when they need it with online repeat prescription ordering and automated delivery to their preferred pharmacy.
  • Patients can view test results online, saving them from having to travel to the practice for an unnecessary appointment.
  • Availability 24-hours a day means that patients don’t have to wait for practice opening times and can access services whenever they need.
  • Patients can securely share their medical record for 24 hours – an important feature if they need care abroad, out of hours, or in an emergency situation.
  • Shared GP record history allows patients to view an audit of where, when and why someone has accessed their record using a data sharing agreement.

Promoting Patient Access to your patients

To help promote Patient Access to your patients, we’ve produced some posters, flyers and appointment cards. You can download these on EMIS Now

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