EMIS App Library

Meet your digital targets and empower patients to be more involved in their own care by recommending assessed apps directly from within EMIS Web.


  • Improve digital care to meet your targets, goals and ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan
  • Empower patients and support them to be more involved in managing their own health
  • Recommend free and low cost apps efficiently from within EMIS Web as part of your existing workflow
  • Reduce costs for your practice and patients by recommending free and low cost apps
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Meet your digital targets and encourage patients to self-care

Containing a wide range of reviewed apps that cover various topics and conditions including:

  • Be Mindful to help reduce depression, stress and anxiety
  • Cove for supporting patients with mental health needs
  • ReacT2D to help patients track their exercise, meals and weight against their goals  

EMIS App Library allows you to ensure that your patients find the right support for their specific needs. With convenient access to help through a mobile device, patients can get more involved in their health and improve how they manage their own care, for better outcomes.

With more than 325,000 health apps out there it can be hard to find the ones that you can trust. That’s why we’ve launched the EMIS App Library to provide clinicians with direct access to apps that have been reviewed using the NHS Digital Assessment Questions framework. This includes strict criteria against:

  • Effectiveness
  • Clinical safety
  • Data protection
  • Security
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Interoperability
  • Technical stability

By providing your patients with an alternative to traditional prescriptions, you can also deliver better digital care that meets your targets – like those in the NHS Long Term Plan.

How it works

EMIS App Library is free to use and is available to all General Practices in England using EMIS Web.

  • Simply click through to EMIS App Library from within your patient’s EMIS Web record
  • View apps by category or condition, platform availability, and price
  • Click for more information, including a description, peer and patient reviews and a breakdown of the AppScript score
  • Recommend the app and automatically send patients a download link via SMS or email
  • Recommendations automatically filed into patient's care record as soon as the SMS or email is sent

Saving you and your patients time and money

By reducing the need to prescribe drugs to patients, lowers costs for both your practice and your patients. By giving patients access to support outside of the practice, this lowers the need for a face to face consultations - freeing up appointments and reducing pressure on your services.

New functionality launched in 2019

We have teamed up with IQVIA to deliver the EMIS App Library, and upgraded the platform with new and improved functionality to EMIS Web users: These enhancements include:

  • More apps to recommend, which will continue to grow over time
  • View clinical outcomes evidence for apps that have proven their ability to improve clinical outcomes*
  • Enhanced user workflow with more filter options and information, including regulatory clearance and the AppScript Score
  • Track your recommendations to monitor apps that have been downloaded by your patient
  • Access research study apps for practices who are participating in the ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ study

About IQVIA and AppScript™

IQVIA has worked extensively with world-class, clinically-validated digital health app developers (see “AppScript Essentials” list published in the IQVIA Institute report, The Growing Value of Digital Health) and will work to bring such world-class apps more prominently to the NHS.

AppScript™ is a leading platform with a strong history for providing excellent digital health app recommending and monitoring technology. Existing users, with AppScript integrated into their clinical system and who have recommended at least one app, prescribe between 1-3 apps per working day on average, signaling that the technology has formed part of their day-to-day workflow.

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