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Meet your digital targets and get patients more involved in their health by recommending rigorously assessed apps from within EMIS Web.


  • Improve your digital care, and meet your targets and goals.
  • Engage patients and support them to be more involved in managing their own health.
  • Free up time for busy clinicians by reducing appointment requirements.
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Meet your digital targets while supporting patients to self-care

With over 250,000 health apps out there*, it can be hard to find ones that you can trust. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading experts in health app assessment, to provide all EMIS Web users in England with a library of rigorously assessed apps that can be recommended to your patients.  

By providing your patients with an alternative to traditional prescriptions, you can also deliver better digital care that meets your targets – like those in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Containing a wide range of reviewed apps that cover various topics and conditions, EMIS App Library, allows you to ensure that your patients find the right support for their specific needs. With convenient access to help through their mobile devices, patients can get more involved in their health and can improve how they manage their own care. 

How it works

  • Simply click through to EMIS App Library from within your patient’s EMIS Web record.
  • View apps by condition and rating to easily find the one you need.
  • See more information – including a breakdown of the assessment process and comments by experts – by clicking on the app.
  • Recommend the app and automatically send patients a download link – this pulls information from their record so they receive an SMS or email with more details.

Saving you and your patients time and money

By reducing the need to prescribe drugs to patients, you can cut back on costs and save both you and them money. Not only that, but with patients accessing support outside of the practice, they’re less likely to have to take time out of their day to come in for help – which frees up appointments and reduces pressure on your services.

Coming soon

We are working to expand the EMIS App Library platform to allow NHS organisations to fund apps so that they won’t cost patients. Not only that, but we’ll also be releasing a range of apps that tackle long-term conditions – including diabetes, mental health and COPD – so that you can support a wider variety of patient needs.

*Research 2 Guidance – 'The mHealth market is getting crowded’


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