EMIS Web for primary care

EMIS Web is making it easier to access, update and share patient information so that GPs can deliver safe and informed care where and when it’s needed.


  • Improve patient information maintenance with full integration to the patient demographic service (PDS).

  • Record consultations and information faster and easier, freeing up more time for patients.

  • Conduct detailed reports to identify cohorts of patients and review practice and service performances.

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Helping GP practices deliver better patient care 

EMIS Web is the most widely used clinical system for primary care in the UK. Created by clinicians, for clinicians, it uses the latest technologies to help you run your practice efficiently and deliver the best possible patient care with patient safety at its core.  

Supporting STPs, CCGs, and GP federations  

Whether you’re a standalone surgery or part of a GP federation wanting to work collaboratively with other practices in your local area, we can help you integrate your clinical systems so that every team has instant access to the information they need, when they need it. 

Going beyond just the core capabilities of the GP IT Futures framework, EMIS Web comes with built in non-core capabilities to support new ways of working too. 

Improved patient safety   

We safely and securely hold more patient records than any other supplier and work with clinicians and pharmacists to ensure the highest possible standards of patient safety are upheld. Because the system is fully integrated with the patient demographic service (PTD), it improves your patient information maintenance by keeping your data up to date and allowing you to make more clinically informed decisions. You’ll have secure access to all the information you need to make the right decisions for your patients.   

With point-of-care alerting for prescription or sepsis warnings and QOF alerts, you’ll be able to capture the right information or identify potential issues with medication straight away. This provides clinical decision support, reduced risk and ensures patients get the care they need as soon as possible. 

Free up more time for patients  

Recording consultations and information is key to making sure you can deliver the best and most appropriate care, but it can also take time away from interacting with the patient in front of you. The team at Plane Trees Practice have found that using EMIS Web has made it much easier to spend time with patients. 

“Using EMIS Web has cut down on the time that I need to enter data; therefore, I do spend more time with patients.”

Dr Geetha Chandrasekaren, GP, Plane Trees Group Practice 

Because EMIS Web can be configured to your individual role and your practice’s way of working and GP resource management, there are several things you can do to free up time to spend with patients.  

  • Set up screen preferences so required tabs are easy to access and view. 
  • Use synonyms and quick picks to record commonly used phrases. 
  • Predictive coding as you type to speed up consultation recordings.  
  • Customise your inboxes to better manage your workflow and improve resource management. 
  • Create teams and groups to improve workload distribution.  

Joined-up working for better patient care  

Not only does EMIS Web allow for record sharing between other EMIS Web practices, it’s also fully compliant with the NHS’s e-referral system (ERS) for effective GP referral management so you can directly refer patients to other EMIS Web organisations. Being able to work so closely with other locations has significantly helped the team at Western Elms Surgerymanage their workflow and appointment schedules. 

“We’re now able to log on to each other’s system from either site which makes it a lot easier to control appointment schedules. We’re also able to monitor workflows in all areas.”

Jackie Holmes, deputy practice manager, Western Elms Surgery 

Gain an in-depth knowledge of your patient population  

With EMIS Web searches and reports you can conduct detailed reports allowing you to identify cohorts of patients and review practice and service performances against certain KPIs. And, with a vast library of predefined searches that are aligned with QOF and data quality regulations, you’ll know the information you get will feed directly into your target planning and assessments. The reporting capabilities of EMIS Web have helped NHS Stoke on Trent cut their data collection time by up to 90%.  

90% faster data collection with EMIS Web

A better patient experience  

We also work closely with several partners, meaning you can add on products which will integrate fully and seamlessly with EMIS Web, expanding the care services you can provide and improving the patient experience. Our close work with partners is also one of the reasons EMIS Web was recognised number one for interoperability in the KLAS report.  

Empowering patients and reducing pressure  

With EMIS Web, you’ll also be able to provide your patients with health management service, Patient Access. Through Patient Access, patients can view their medical records at any time, from anywhere and safely share their up-to-date information with any other clinician should they need to. Practices have found that this has helped empower patients to take control of their own health, improving patient engagement and reducing DNA rates and unnecessary appointments. It’s also helped Wingate Medical Centre in Liverpool to see 40 more patients each day than previously.   

Market-leading training and support  

We’re committed to helping your practice get the most out of EMIS Web. We have over 150 dedicated support and training staff on hand 24 hours a day, every day. You’ll also have a dedicated customer relationship manager who’ll work with you to ensure you receive all the training and support you need to unlock the full potential of EMIS Web.  

Our annual  EMIS National User Group  will also give you the opportunity to meet with experts and other EMIS Web users, sharing top tips and knowledge of how to make the most of EMIS Web. We work closely with all our users to develop a user-driven roadmap and listen to what you need and changes you would like to see implemented in EMIS Web to meet your future requirements.  

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