EMIS Web for hospice care

EMIS Web supports safe, joined-up and dignified end-of-life care with personalised care plans and cross-sector communication.


  • Release more time for patients by cutting down on admin tasks.
  • Improve patient experience by creating and sharing care plans.
  • Improve data quality for more informed and tailored decisions.
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Supporting safe, efficient and person-centred palliative care 

There are currently 30 hospices in the UK using EMIS Web, our complete electronic clinical system, to deliver safer, faster and more personalised palliative care. The system can be specifically tailored and configured to suit your needs and, with sharing agreements in place, provide access to all the information from a patient's record when you need it. 

With the clinical experience, specialist knowledge and technical expertise that goes into developing EMIS Web, we’re helping ensure that everyone can live well towards the end of their lives. 

Make more informed, safe and tailored decisions 

  • Access and update data relating to your patient’s entire healthcare journey in real time. 
  • Create and view patients’ care plans, including details on their wishes and the wishes of their family/carers for more person-centred care. 
  • Create real-time referrals to reduce delays for patients moving into your hospice’s care. 
  • Ensure clinical safety by entering and viewing data in a clear and standardised format with pre-built and customisable templates.  

Full integration for instant access to patient information and more joined-up care 

EMIS Web supports integration across GP, hospice and community settings. In fact, our integration is second to none and because we work with over 10,000 health and care organisations across the UK, the potential for multi-disciplinary working is huge. This enables clinicians to gain a full picture of their patient’s health and provide more accurate and joined-up care. It also means that you can access all the details you need to meet not only your patient’s physical requirements, but their social, emotional and wider holistic requirements too. 

"End-of-life care involves often complex and sensitive discussions with patients. Being able to record that information and ensuring it’s visible to the right people at the right time is crucial."

Helen Knight, clinical and operations director, East Cheshire Hospice

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By securely sharing data via configurable data sets, you could minimise delays across your hospice setting, just like Hospice in the Weald. 

And if that’s not enough, optimised care can lead to reduced operational and financial costs as well. 

Helping you to measure outcomes in EMIS Web to improve your services 

Because of the qualitative nature of palliative care, outcomes can often be difficult to measure. But services and staff need to know whether the care they provide is the most appropriate, if it makes a difference, and whether it meets their patients’ needs in order to improve what they do.  

That’s why we’ve added Outcome Assessment and Complexity Collaborative (OACC) reporting and Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale (IPOS) reporting into EMIS Web. With these internationally recognised tools, you can capture the information you need to deliver better care, both now and in the future.  

Helping you meet national strategies 

  • Future-proof your care by using electronic records to keep in line with local and national drivers for recording end-of-life assessment, planning and patient preferences.
  • Find your needs constantly supported with ever-evolving products that comply with safety and regulatory guidelines. 

Compassionate hospice at home with EMIS Mobile

With the addition of EMIS Mobile, your team is supported with all the tools and information that they need to deliver safe, person centred care in peoples homes - just like they've been doing at East Cheshire Hospice

Make the most of EMIS Web 

We provide bespoke training services to help you make the most of EMIS Web. Our training covers topics like:  

  • templates - so that you can ensure consistent data collection  
  • capacity and booking management – helping you to make your staff coordination, diary management, risk stratification and session planning more efficient 
  • new features – teaching you how to use any new EMIS Web features and showing you how the benefit your team. 

“I can add a new patient in five minutes, whereas previously it would take 15-20 minutes.”

Emma Allright, care records manager, Hospice in the Weald 

Additionally, our hospice user group gives you a chance to share learning and experience with other EMIS Web users. It also gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want from EMIS Web and allows us to develop functionalities and courses that can improve your efficiency further. 

Flexible packages to suit your needs 

We understand that you’re a charity and that every penny counts. That’s why we’ve developed a range of solutions to suit a variety of budgets. Speak to us to find out more. 

Fast, mobile access to EMIS Web

Provide more informed care closer to home

With quick and easy access to the real-time patient information that’s held in EMIS Web, you can make better and safer decisions at the point of care – no matter where that care is provided.

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