EMIS Web for community care

Allowing community healthcare providers to access, share and update vital information in real time.


  • Make complex care more straightforward with electronic caseloads and care plans.
  • EMIS Mobile included as standard.
  • Inform your strategies by running reports from within your system.
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Informing care through integration and interoperability

We’re helping 45,000 community, children’s and mental health staff to deliver high-quality, seamless and connected patient care with EMIS Web.

Recognised in the KLAS report as number one for interoperability, our clinical IT system shares information in real time, and allows community healthcare professionals to view and update the same electronic patient records (EPRs) as those working in primary, secondary and specialist organisations so that you can:

  • see what care your patients have had since you last saw them
  • provide more informed and joined-up care
  • improve patient care and safety by working in multi-disciplinary teams
  • see the full picture of a patient’s health.

EMIS Web also comes with a range of features that help you to:

  • deliver continuous care – with cross-organisational appointment booking and shared information like warnings, tasks, and drug and allergy alerts
  • easily manage the entire care process and plan support – use built-in processes like individualised care plans and the ability to view your entire caseload electronically
  • keep patients safe – with role-based access, and automatic local/safeguarding warnings and alerts
  • provide better support for children – create family linkages, and be updated by automatic recall alerts for vaccinations and immunisations
  • take your clinical system with you and view data both on and offline – EMIS Mobile is included as standard for community EMIS Web users.

Personalise patient care with individual care plans

Provide person-centred care with EMIS Web’s customisable care plans, which allow you to set goals, targets and actions and use checklists to ensure these actions are made. You can manage and maintain care plans to track care and improve consistency with access to a full chronology of your patient’s care. This ensures they're receiving the care and support they need on a regular basis.

Patient view optimises the care plan for patients’ use, empowering them to better manage their own health. You can record when patients’ views have been sought on the care they receive, ensuring patients are fully engaged with their healthcare choices and understand their options. The ability to set review dates means that you’ll always be reminded when a plan needs to be reassessed, making sure that your patients’ needs are met on an ongoing basis.

Making data entry and analysis easier than ever

With predefined and customisable local assessment, letter and care plan templates, and the ability to mass-update patient records, EMIS Web ensures that your data is standardised and recorded efficiently. Once gathered, you can then use this data to monitor performance and plan your future care by easily searching local community databases and extracting reports from within your system. This gives you the ability to make informed improvements to your service provision so that you can deliver the best possible care.

“By providing shared data from across our region, EMIS Web improves the knowledge of clinicians treating patients.”

Feedback from our customer experience survey 

EMIS Mobile included as standard

Because so much of the care in a community setting takes place outside of the clinic, we offer EMIS Mobile as standard to all our community customers. This enables you to access, view and update patient information on the go so that all information is kept up to date. This not only improves patient safety, but also saves time by reducing the need for community nurses and clinicians to travel back to site between appointments.

Committed to helping community providers make the most of EMIS Web

  • Our specialist deployment team will support you when you choose our clinical system.
  • Make use of tailored training, including online webinars, site visits and role-based seminars.
  • Find 24/7 help online with EMIS Now, which offers free advice, training and user forums.
  • Learn from other community healthcare professionals and help develop our systems by joining our member-run Healthcare User Group (HUG)

Fast, mobile access to EMIS Web

Provide more informed care closer to home

With quick and easy access to the real-time patient information that’s held in EMIS Web, you can make better and safer decisions at the point of care – no matter where that care is provided.

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